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Alfred Miller

Alfred Miller is a freelance journalist based in New York City. A recovering engineer, he writes about business and technology as well as media and politics.



Pro-Trump TV Network Has Big-League Dreams

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump frequently pointed to the press corps covering his rallies and implored them to pan the audience to show the size of the crowds he was drawing. When the cameras remained fixed on him, Trump labeled the news media “dishonest.”
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How the Fringe Alt-Right Is Trumping Traditional Media

After Donald Trump surprised pundits and won the election last week, he took congratulatory phone calls from former presidents and world leaders. Then he dialed Alex Jones. A far-right radio host, Jones had long been relegated to the fringe for promoting conspiracy theories, such as that the 2012 Newtown elementary school massacre was “completely fake” and that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama smell like “sulfur” because they are “demon-possessed.” But days after the election, he told listeners that Trump had called Jones to personally thank him and his audience.
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The Startup That Predicted Brexit Has Some Bad News for Hillary Clinton

The US presidential race appears to be neck and neck. The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll shows Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump tied at 39% among likely voters, while the latest WSJ/NBC News poll says it’s 43% to 37% in favor of Clinton and Nate Silver has Clinton’s probability of winning at 59%. But is it possible that these pollsters are wrong? Aaron Timms, Director of Content at risk analytics startup Predata, thinks so.
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With a Zeal for Service, Jane Yang ’11 Helps Farmers in East Africa

Jane Yang ’11 has always felt fortunate to be born in the United States. For one thing, if her parents hadn’t uprooted their lives in China, where there was a one-child policy at the time, and moved to Ypsilanti, Mich., Yang wouldn’t be alive.
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Todd Harrity ’13 Pushes Himself on the Pro Squash Tour

Todd Harrity ’13 has loved racket sports for as long as he can remember. The son of two avid squash players, Harrity grew up playing squash, tennis, and ping pong at Merion Cricket Club in Haverford, Pa. He eventually focused on squash because it seemed “more continuous” — squash is played in a confined space, so players waste less time picking up balls.
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“Dan From Bergen Beach”: On Dan Fogler’s Stardom & Beyond

Exclusive: Alfred Miller '07 talks to actor Dan Fogler '94 on his most recent role as Jacob Kowalski in J.K. Rowling’s hit movie Fantastic Beasts. In Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the latest film to come out of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter universe, Dan Fogler '94 plays Jacob Kowalski, a short, chubby, mustachioed New York no-maj (the American wizarding community’s word for “muggle” or non-magic person) with a passion for baking.
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What I Learned About Being Jewish and Chinese on My Birthright Trip to Israel — and to Taiwan

If you saw me on the street, you probably wouldn’t peg me as Jewish. With my small eyes, thick black hair and high cheekbones, I’m a Jew with some very Chinese characteristics. Growing up, I learned from my father that being Jewish — or at least, New York Jewish — mostly involved cultural quirks, like picking the number 18 for luck in Little League and ordering Cel-Ray soda at Katz’s Delicatessen.
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Singer-Songwriter Caroline Reese ’14 Draws Inspiration from ‘Tenderfoot’ Days

When Caroline Reese ’14 sings, it’s often about her memories of summers spent at Battle Creek Ranch in Townsend, Mont. It was there, at the age of 11, that her mother brought her to participate in a cattle drive together. She was what ranchers call a “tenderfoot” — a tourist come west, seeking a taste of a simpler way of life.
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Mike Chernoff ’03 Oversees Resurgent Cleveland in his First Year as G.M.

Long before Mike Chernoff ’03 was named general manager of the Cleveland Indians in October 2015, he had developed a reputation for making the best of what he had on the baseball field. At Princeton, the undersized middle infielder from northern New Jersey was no home run hitter. Instead, in tight games, the righty had a knack for dunking hits just over the head of the opposing team’s first baseman, in what his friend and teammate Jonathan Miller ’03 describes as the “Bermuda Triangle” between the first baseman, second baseman, and right fielder.
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Bertko ’06 Prepares for an Olympic Debut 10 Years in the Making

Kate Bertko ’06 is small for a rower. At 5 feet 7 inches, she’s a head shorter than her friend and former teammate Caroline Lind ’06, a two-time Olympic gold medalist. That didn’t stop Bertko from often beating Lind when the two would compete while training. “If you were my size, you would dominate the world in everything,” Lind remembers telling Bertko.
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Star Goalie Johnson ’17 Emerges as a Leader for U.S. Water Polo Team

Ashleigh Johnson ’17 and the United States won gold at the World Championships last summer. Ashleigh Johnson ’17 has trained to play water polo nearly her entire life. Her mother, Donna, a single parent and full-time nurse, pushed her five children to excel at the sport. “There’s nothing you can’t do — just keep at it,” Johnson remembers her mother telling her as a child.
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For Holmes ’17, Chasing an Olympic Bid Echoes a Childhood Fantasy

As a child, Kat Holmes ’17 dreamed of medieval times. She devoured Tamora Pierce’s Song of the Lioness, a series of books about Alanna of Trebond, a girl who disguises herself as a boy to become a knight. Holmes took up fencing. She wanted to follow in Alanna’s footsteps and work her way up from page to squire to knight.
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Alfred Miller

Alfred grew up on Staten Island, New York, and attended Brooklyn’s Poly Prep Country Day School throughout middle school and high school. There, he developed a love for asking tough questions and sharing the answers he found with others as editor of the school paper. This, combined with his love for taking things apart, led him to pursue the path of engineer by day and journalist by night.

Alfred majored in Electrical Engineering at Princeton and spent much of his free time either interning at WABC radio’s John Batchelor Show or working for the news division of Princeton’s own student-run radio station, WPRB.

Upon graduation in 2011, he moved to Lexington, Kentucky, to work as an engineer for the printer maker Lexmark International. Alfred returned to New York in 2013 to attend Columbia Journalism School and to pursue his dream of asking questions for a living.

When he’s not pursuing a story or funding his journalism habit via tutoring, Alfred can usually be found rocking out to country music, hitting rails on the squash court, or cheering on his beloved Yankees.